Tudorose Poodles With Field Titles

This list itself speaks loudly of the incredible versatility of Tudorose Poodles. A number of the field dogs listed below also have conformation championships. Many listed below have obedience titles or even obedience championships. Some of these dogs have gotten titles in just about everything a poodle can title in!

Here is a partial list of Tudorose Poodles who have gained field titles (thanks are due to Emily for part of this list from the Poodle History Project www.poodlehistory.org/ )
• Tudorose Madame Katy CDX, WC (first poodle to hold a CKC WC)
• Ch/OTCH Tudorose Henry the 8th WCX, AKC CD, VIP VCX
• OTCH Tudorose Thorny Rose Cain WCI, AKC UD, Bda KC CDX, VIP VC
• Ch Tudorose Mad Madam Mimm WCI JH CD (first poodle to hold a CKC JH)
• Tudorose Hanoverian Princess WC
• Ch Tudorose Spanish alliance CD WC
• OTCH Walnuthill Jiffy of Tudorose WCI. JH, AKC UD/CGC, Bda CD, TT, VIP VC
• Tudorose Shadow of Valencia WCX
• Tudorose Royal Banner CD WC
• Tudorose The Troubadour JH, WCI
• OTCH NAHRA SR Walnuthill Castor of Tudorose MH, WCX, AKC CGC and JH, PCA WCX, VIP VCX (first poodle to hold a CKC MH)
• Tudorose Reeba JH
• CH HRC SHR Tudorose Roman Emperor WC, JH, CDX, AGN, RICL, PCA WC, PCC Versatile Poodle Award, HIT
• Walnuthill Sophia of Tudorose CD WC
• Tudorose Hanoverian Gamble WCX
• Tudorose A Dickens! Daventry WC JH
• HRC HR Tudorose True Blue CDX, WCX, JH, AGN, TT, HIT, PCA WCX
• Tudorose Annabella Stuart CD, JH, WCX, HIC, CGC, CKC WCI
• CKC/Int. Ch Tudorose Kat of Braganza WC, RN, SD, CGC
• Ch SHR Tudorose Queen's Own Wit CDX WC CGN AGNS AGJWS
• SHR Tudorose Royal Flush JH, RN, HIC, CGC, PCA WC, CKC WC
• U-UD, U-RO1, HR, SR K'land's Delaney of Tudorose RE SH UD WCX VIP-VCX CGC
• Tudorose Fleetwood Drummerboy CDX, TD, JH
• Ch Tudorose Sugar Kane AKC CDX, JH, WC
• Tudorose Lambeau CGC, JH, PCA WC
• Tudorose McCheers JH, NA, NAJ, PCA WC
• Tudorose Dream Realised PCA WC
• Cdn and Am. Ch Tudorose Ye Old Pretender RN, CGC, HIC, PCA WC, JH, CKC WC
• Tudorose Flash of Brilliance JH, OA, OAJ, AAD, PCA WC, CGC, HIC
• Int Ch UCD Tudorose Good Queen Bess CD, WC, HIC, CGC
• In Ch Cnem-Dei Tudorose Rupurt CDX, JH, WCX, CGC, HIC
• Int Ch Tudorose Knight of the Whip WC CGC HIC
• Tudorose Spring T'Aime WC
• Cdn MOTCH/ JO Am. JO Whirlwinds Majormajormajor, Am UD, JH, PCA WCX/ Cdn WCI
• Tudorose It's Your Deal CGC WC

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